Billy Eilish was close, you may require additional treatment Justin Bieber


Los Angeles, UNITED States of America.

Singer Billy Eilish assured several times that there have always been a fan and supporter I’ll also Justin Bieber, but until now nobody knew for sure, at the level of obsession that the young pop star began to develop in the expense of astro Canada.

It Maggie’s mother, not less than in the new radio show his famous daughters, was shown at this week’s listeners about relationships -the impersonal, of course – so interesting that the artist came to create their pop music idol, apparently, something more “intense” than living other teenagers of his generation.

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Summing up, it must be concluded that the parents of the singer, 18, was on the edge of her psychological therapy to calm a little his passion now husband Hailey Baldwin, because sometimes, Billy could not help but cry bitterly, and “Rota” pain,” according to mother, he did not have the opportunity to meet with you personally.

“It was not too strong, we think of you in therapy because you rattan pain. When he released a new song, heard in the car, I couldn’t stop crying. I remember that I brought it to the Studio and back home, still crying on the theme,” reminded Maggie in the middle of a conversation.