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2020-07-10 16:30:04

Cardi B is a “disaster, emotional” thinking of the second birthday of his daughter.

Cardi B is a “disaster, emotional” thinking of the second birthday of his daughter.

In the rapper of 27 years could not believe that her daughter Culture will be two years, as he admitted that he felt very emotional before the big day.

She wrote on Instagram: “my baby will be 2 years tomorrow. I was a disaster, and emotional. I love it very much. (Sic)”

Meanwhile, the Creator of hits ‘Bodak Yellow”, which has on the culture of the husband and the Displacement, showed that earlier, as she was his daughter, she knew that his plans never work the way she wants.

She said, “the most important lesson, which is never on time. Things do not go as we planned, ever! Motherhood is … difficult. People think it’s easy, but difficult. We deserve more, “mother’s day”.

KARDi you want your daughter to “dream big” and ignore other people’s opinions as you age.

When asked what the Council can do for his daughter, he added: “no matter what people say, dream big and go for it. I want to be a woman, successful, independent woman, a woman sure of it.”

And KARDi has always been motivated by her dreams to find his family.

The rapper said: “what I spent in work that would like to have children, and I have to be stable. To treat yourself, my son, for the rest of my life, I have to have money and to earn money for the rest of my life.” life.”

And when asked what she loves her husband, added: “I love this man, want lamerlo all day. I like the fact that I can feel safe with him, and financially secure, always … I always thought that this strong woman. I don’t. I always feel like I know everything, but don’t … marriage is taught about unity. Not only both of you together.”

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