Care: China found in the shrimp traces of SARS-CoV-2. And Mexico consumed and strong exports


Ecuador questioned Friday, to survival that strains of SARS-CoV-2 have been able, in Shrimps (prawns) matt white exported to China, after the Asian country to suspend imports after traces of coronavirus in its packaging.

Beijing, 10 jul (EFE).- China suspended today, the importation of white shrimp frozen to find three Ecuadorian companies in the Asian country, after remains of the coronavirus in the packagingthe General Administration of Customs reported.

In a statement, the Department reported that the examination of nucleic acid carried out on the packaged shrimp from Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila, Empacreci and Edpacif positive, and that it is “the risk” of transmission of the virus.

The message has been generated Alarm in Mexico. The latest figures on exports, the is so large, that a finding could mean in the way that for this industry; in this year there were 222 thousand tons of shrimp at a value of between 500 thousand and 700 thousand million dollars (mdd). More than half (56.8 percent, with a value of 750 to 990 million US dollars) are “grown” in agricultural, aquaculture, according to the information service Agriculture and fisheries (SIAP).operated,

In addition, the main markets for shrimp in Mexico, the European Union, United States, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Canada and of course China, which on Friday imports of shrimp from ecuador suspended for the alleged contamination with a coronavirus.

In this quest, the Agency is the Ecuadorian company calls for the “immediate resignation” of his shrimp frozen prepared according to the 12. March, and demanded to take back or destroy it.

There who tested positive for the tests, which were on the outer packaging, while the shrimp and the Container interior negative.

Additionally, it indicates that the system of food safety is the management of this company.

“To eliminate you of the hidden dangers and the protection of the health of the people, we announced the suspension of the rules for the registration of these companies in China and the suspension of the acceptance of their products,” says the press release.

At the beginning of June there was an outbreak of the virus in a wholesale market in Beijing, according to local experts, do not have their origin in Europe, although it is not yet known how it would come up there.

Until now, it has emerged that the virus was detected on a cutting Board salmon, but, according to experts, there is no evidence that the infected through the consumption of contaminated food, including shellfish.

However, the Director of the laboratory of Microbiology of the Chinese national centre for the assessment of the risks to food safety, Li Fengqin, said in June that, although “the virus is not coming from food, it is possible that the packaging poisoned himself.”

China builds up to four days without propagation through the local transmission, according to this Tuesday, the health authorities announced that Beijing had not made and no new positive for the first time since that fight.


Ecuador questioned Friday, to survival that strains of SARS-CoV-2 have been able, in Shrimps (prawns) matt white exported to China, after the Asian country to suspend imports after traces of coronavirus in its packaging.

The owner of Public health, Juan Carlos Zevallos said at a press conference that “there is no scientific evidence that the virus spreads through the food, and less, if we talk about the shrimp that have traveled 50 days at -20 C”.

According to the Ecuadorian minister, about 227 thousand tests have been performed to the Container, you came to China, and found only traces of the genetic material of the virus, which, he explained, means that it can not be distributed.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of production, foreign trade, investment, and fisheries (MPCEIP) said in a press release, the biosecurity protocols that will be followed in the export products, in order to prevent the risks associated with the spread of the virus, and thus no measure of the restriction of entry of fish products in the Ecuadorian and international markets.

Stresses that, on the basis of a Ministerial agreement, provided for the strengthening of the “measures for the prevention and control of risks associated with the spread of the virus among the workers in the industry and the products made from them”.

This paper tries, in addition, to avoid a restriction on the entry of fishery products in the Ecuadorian and international markets, such as shrimp and tuna, species of high demand in the countries of Europe, China and the United States.