Coronavirus.- France exceeds the threshold of 30,000 dead, after addition of 25 deceased in the last day


The health of don’t ask let your guard down during the holidays: “The virus is still in circulation”


The health authorities in France have warned on Friday that the country has reached 30.004 killed since the beginning of the pandemic, after addition of a further 25 deaths in the last day.

The Ministry of health, has indicated, in a statement that the total number of deaths have occurred cases 19.528, in the country’s hospitals, has indicated that the number of dead in day-care centers and nursing homes will be updated in the 15.July.

Currently, there is 7.062 people to the hospital, because of the COVID-19, a number that continues to decline, despite the fact that have been registered 136 new revenue. In intensive care units 496 patients, 16 fewer than on Thursday is now.

In Overseas, there are currently 215 hospitalized patients, 40 of them in the intensive care unit. This Friday, the minister for health, Olivier Veran has called on the population to maintain the restriction measures during the summer holidays, and emphasized the importance of lowering the guard even when it seems that the situation is “under control”.

As explained above, the distance measures and the use of masks are now “more important than ever”, and in particular to the “protection of the elderly and those most vulnerable.” So, it has shown that it is crucial to with regard to distances, especially in confined areas.

“The French need a holiday, have to forget the confinement, ( … ), but should not forget that the virus to circulate to continue”, was argued to not clarify that the government’s intention, “robot”, but “stay tuned”.



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