Denmark created a passport COVID-19 negative for the population


Denmark created a passport Covid-19 negative (AFP)
Denmark created a passport Covid-19 negative (AFP)

The Pass negative Covid-19, pioneer in Europe it was by the Danish government and acts as a guarantee the traveller in this country can visit other countries which have opened their borders and have a low incidence of the spread of Covid-19.

The document can be accessed digitally on the Website of the Ministry of health, Danish, no cost, to the residents of the Danish submitted to a test and the result is negative has to be. The aim of the paper is to the life of the Danes, the want to go to countries where you need proof.

The announcement of the new document was on 8. July by the Minister for health Magnus Heunicke. The official stressed that “the country wants to facilitate the entry to all Danes, especially for business trips in other countries“. The Pass, although it is digital, can be printed with the seal of the Ministry of health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National police of Denmark.

Criteria for obtaining the document

The test should be done at least seven days prior to the print and can be issued only for adult over the age of 18 years. But the children will also be able to get it from the middle of July. The test Covid-19 can be done, free of charge, in one of the 17 testing centers all over the country.

People in a restaurant in Denmark, after the re-opening (EFE/EPA/Liselotte Sabroe)

People in a restaurant in Denmark, after the re-opening (EFE/EPA/Liselotte Sabroe)

It was expected that these centres disabled, the remains in November of this year, but is open until the end of 2021. The Danish travelers should also read the travel warnings on the websites of the embassies in Denmark and their countries of destination. The control center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local embassies can confirm, if it is required, an official Pass for the coronavirus.

The economic sector of Denmark celebrates the emergence of this pass. According to the Director of the industry, Michael Svane, “the Pass Covid-19 negative will help the Danes that travel for work need to“.

The summer holidays are concerned about the increase in cases

Health authorities fear that after the summer, the number of infections may increase. Currently, the country has nearly 13,000 confirmed cases and over 600 deaths per Covid-19. The number of patients in the intensive care units and the use of respiratory protection devices in the country remains unchanged, but the health Department warned that people bring the virus on their return after the summer holidays in Europe.

For the tourists who visit Denmark this summer, one of the rules, is a negative test after arrival in the country, stay outside of Copenhagen, for a minimum of six nights. In addition, the number of infections caused by the Corona Virus in the country of the tourist visitors should be lower, at a rate of 20 per 100,000 inhabitants.

(Article originally published in RFI – author: Fernanda Melo Larsen, RFI correspondent in Copenhagen)