Dolph Ziggler: “My competition with Otis fulfilled its purpose’


For Javier Zotano – PUBLISHED 01/07/2020 at 17:03

In excampeón Pairs Raw Dolph Ziggler I was recently in an interview with Sports Illustrated, the average. During the session, Ziggler about his history with Otis, Mandy rose Sonia Deville, explaining that he believes that this would help, even better if they could develop in the field of chemistry work at the events live. Then your statement (record of the request Fightful):

“I suggested the idea, but I feel that my competition with Otis performed his duties. I really enjoyed working with Otis, Mandy and Sonia. If it was like old times, and bring events live, five days a week, we have even more chemistry and something really special. At this point, that this is only TV program in the Studio was closed, was established very quickly, as young stars. But I don’t know where else you can think of, it is a competition, so I fully understand, changes in the Raw”.

“I say this with the best intentions, probably: I’m not obsessed with the fight at Wrestlemania. Haunts me a time in history that allows you that all will bear fruit, in the style of WrestleMania. More importantly, I didn’t care, what would it was a struggle, and hubiesa real historynot something in the style of “bring here 15 years, we can fight’. Sometimes cold, sometimes you are in a real battle, but we had a really great story. Even if not at Wrestlemania and was an episode of SmackDown with the audience, where Otis gets what he deserves, Mandy gives me a blow below the belt, and embracing, the building would be disrupted.”

“It was something special, and it gave its fruits. The only thing that was not, was 85.000 people leave when it happened. I wish it did not happen, but if we continue to work hard, and we leave the skin, we can reproduce another story or another version of this story next year.”

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Javier Zotano
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