Donald Trump, the presidential pardon to his ally Roger stone would give,


The Council of the Trumpf, was sentenced in the campaign, in 2016, of lying to investigators and witness tampering. Photo: AFP

Donald Trump, Roger stone, his friend and ally, the President would give, excuse, then, to give more tv interviews, statements to the topic.

“I’m always thinking. You will see, like all the others, in this case,” the President said on Fox News.

Meanwhile, Trump said in a radio-Howie Carr, that the treatment to your exasesor was not the best, and stressed to forgive you of your statement of the President.

“He was accused. Was treated terrible. He was treated so badly”.

Stone shall submit to the Federal prison on 14. July to start, serve a period of more than three years after being convicted of lying to Congress during his research on the interference of Russia in the the last presidential election.

The Council of the trump in the Campaign 2016 he was sentenced last November by lying to investigators and witness tampering.

“Roger stone has been treated differently than other defendants due to his relationship with the President,” wrote the attorney General of the United States, Aaron Zelinskyen.

Facebook deleted 50 pages, associated with Roger stone

Last Wednesday Facebook Inc eliminated on Wednesday, with 50 of pages of personal and professional associated with Roger stone.

The social networking platform, said that stone and his colleagues had used accounts and followers are fake to promote their books and publications.

Facebook took the steps in connection with stone-on the same day deleted accounts are linked to employees of the family of the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and the two networks connected to each other, the operations of the national policies in Ecuador and the Ukraine.

Company sources said that they have eliminated the personal pages Stone-on Facebook and Instagram and your page of Facebook “Stone Cold Truth”, and that he had 141 thousand followers.

Eliminated behavior 54 accounts of Facebook and 50 pages missing, including the creation of fake accounts. The bills spent most of the time 300 thousand U.S. dollars in advertising in the last few yearsthe company said.

With information from AFP and Reuters

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