European space Agency, of a cloud of dust from the Sahara – News-broadcast


The data of the Satellite Copernicus Sentinel and the Satellite Aeolus large amounts of particles Dust from the Sahara desertin the North of Africa, the wind will move in this summer, across the Atlantic, the European Space Agency (ESA) reported.

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The ESA has made this column of dust from the Sahara the name “Godzilla”, the reached August, generally between the late spring and early autumn, its peak at the end of June to the middle of.

To blown this time, large amounts of dust from the African desert, in the dry air by the strong winds in the vicinity of the ground, as well as thunderstorms.

The dust masses, swim for days or weeks, depending on dry, fast and rough, the air rotate. Then the winds in the troposphere on high sweep away the dust over the Atlantic ocean to the Caribbean and the United States.

Although this weather phenomenon occurs every year, the THAT he pointed out that the Coat of arms June 2020 it is “unusual” due to their size and distance traveled.

According to the Oceanographic and Meteorological laboratory the Atlantic from NOAA, the dust cloud was to the 60-70%, more powdery, in an outbreak of average, which makes the case more “aggressive” since records began about 20 years ago.

In General, the columns of dust from the Sahara are distributed in the atmosphere and plunge into the Atlantic before reaching the Americas. However,this 2020 the dust traveled about 8,000 miles and arrived in the vicinity of the Caribbean and the southern United States.

While the dust is a threat to the health, THAT ensures that the Sahara Dust Travel “an important role” in the ecosystem, as it is an important source of nutrients, the essential for the phytoplankton (Plants marine microscopic, that swim on or in the vicinity of the surface of the ocean), the Training the Blooms of phytoplankton on the surface of the ocean, and because replenishes nutrients in the soils of the tropical rain forest Amazon.

It has also been shown that the layers of the dry air and dusty to suppress the development of hurricanes and storms in the Atlantic, due to the tropical storms to form in warm waters and warm, moist air.

“If you have a storm, colisionaría with layers of air to develop dry and avoid dusty the dust cloud from the Sahara, to grow more,” concluded the European Space Agency.

With information from Europa Press