FGR dealt with the extradition of Kamel Nacif, from Lebanon to Mexico


The The attorney General of the Republic of (GFR), which is located in Lebanon, the employer Kamel Nacif Borgeknown as the king of Denim, which is required by the court First seised unit for the crime of torture against journalists, Lydia Cacho.

To do So, sources with the Ministry, the ag’s office, through the Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE), began the process of delivery to the Asian country.

This Friday, the attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero in a radio discussion with the researcher, Eduardo Buscaglia, in which it found that one of the parties took refuge in the Lebanon, indicated that it was camel Nacif.

“One of the criminals, we have done already in prison, others have fled to Lebanon, where we have a process, of the delivery and the third… we, all the steps and tasks that we can do…,” he said.

In April, 2019, the First circuit unit with residence in Quintana Roo to issue a arrest warrant against businessman Kamel Nacif and the Governor of Puebla, Mario Marin, for the crime of torture, which reversed the decision of the Second district judge of the institution, which refused to waive the injunction.

It is the same month, elements of the Federal police-Ministerial, the former head of the Legal orders of the police of Puebla, Juan Sánchez Moreno arrested for involvement in torture against the journalist Lydia Cacho.

Sánchez-Moreno is located in the municipality of Ixtapaluca, state of Mexico, and the First court unit in Cancun, Quintana Roo issued a warrant for his arrest for the crime of torture. He was the Director of rulings during the administration of Mario Marín (2005-2011) in Puebla.




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