For the case of Lydia Cacho Kamel Nacif is; ag’s office seeks extradition


The Businessman Kamel Nacif Borge, The king of Jeansagainst whom a warrant weighs in for the crime of torture in tort by the journalist Lydia Cacho, it was in Lebanonso that the office of the attorney General of the Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiated the formalities for the the request for his extradition to MexicoOfficials of the Federal government.

In April, 2019, the magistrate María Elena Suarez, owner of the First circuit Unit of the Twenty-Seventh Circuit, the arrest of the former Governor of Puebla, Mario Marín ordered, The Gober Preciosoand Kamel Nacif for the said offence.

The holder of the office of the attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, participated in a discussion with the investigator Edgardo Buscagliain the radio program, the result, Carmen Aristegui, where it is the case of Lydia Cacho.

Without disclosure of the name, Gertz Manero said, that one of the parties in the case of the journalists fled from Lebanon.

“In the case of Lydia Cacho, when we arrived, it was a thing that was very painful, and we went back again because they had lost, and managed to do it, Lord, to receive the orders of the fear that no one have been able, and won once, one of the criminals that we are already in prison, others have fled to Lebanon, where we said that a process of extradition”, the state’s attorney.

According to Federal officials, that this person Kamel Nacif, The king of Jeans.

In The Year 2005 Lydia Cacho was arrested, due to the probable Commission of the offences of libel and slanderderived from the accusations of Kamel Nacif, because of the publication of the book, “The demons of Eden”, in which the author describes, festivals, in which supposedly pervertía to minors.

In their time the audios of the conversations between Kamel Nacif and Mario Marín, in which the latter have been published he expressed his support for the employer to impose as a corrective to the journalists.

The case went to the Supreme court of justice of the Nation, without a Commission of inquiry, but the Full, and pointed to the Governor Mario Marín as responsible for the violation of the individual guarantees of the journalist, because of that it is not the existence of a serious infringement of their rights proved,in terms of article 97 of the Constitution, therefore it was not necessary, a decision on the case, ending the matter.

However, the minister Juan N. Silva Meza, the head of the Commission, defended, presented to the mind, and said: “I have this in the full awareness that in a legal state and democratic rule of law, impunity has no place”.