Ghislaine Maxwell, the former, by Jeffrey Epstein, was offered a bail of 5 billion


Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, is years of suspicion of committing sexual offences against minors. Photo: AFP.

Ghislaine Maxwellthe ex-girlfriend and collaborator of the late American financier Jeffrey Epsteinasked about their attorneys on Friday, a judge in New York, in the United States, that the release in exchange for a Deposit of five million dollars (mdd): it is accused to commit the support of his former wife, sexual crimes against minors, some of which denounced them millionaires.

The daughter of the late newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell denies, “strong” charges and “to think, to fight you,” said his lawyers submitted documents to the Prosecutor’s office for the southern district of New York. To ensure that there is no danger of leakage and asked the judge Alison Nathan release Ghislaine Maxwell change Depositsigned by six of its members and guarantees a property of $ 3.75 million in the UK.

Freedom at any price

The Lawyers Ghislaine Maxwell She said that, if the Deposit is accepted, you deliver the passports from the United States, France and the United Kingdom, and that he would be locked up in a house in New York, with an electronic bracelet. They claim that the pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus places, the ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein serious risk in consequence of high transmission in prisons. The bail hearing will ask next Tuesday; prosecutors, that they would continue in the prison.

The Prosecutor’s office for the southern district of New York accused, the 2. To meet to recruit in July of six offences, for the support of young women, the wishes of the Jeffrey Epstein and their friends rich and powerful (one of them just 14 years old), and transported to another state for these purposes, between 1994 and 1997. It is also accused of the participation in times of abuse and lies in court under oath. If he’s guilty, he faces 35 years in prison, according to the Prosecutor’s office.

With information from AFP.



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