Hampón falls into the baby shower; thought it was part of the show


Baby Shower interrupted Peru: the police in the town of San Juan de Lurigancho held at the allegedly responsible for the death of the son a former mayor of the Region for the entire event.

Through this video, that is viral in the social networks, we observe the time during the show a clown I played the baby showerpolice officers come in civilian clothes, stop, and fix, the father-to-be was at the front with the pregnant woman.

During a baby shower in Peru, the police break in and arrest a suspected murderer. Photo: screen capture

After the first reports, the arrested man, goes by the name of Oscar Romero, alias “Kissyfur”for, what to see in the video, the prisoner, and the other participants thought it was a show, the clown had prepared.

This interpretation has taken place, because the Police She went after the clown is asked, “who was responsible for this inflammation”, the joke used to ask, who is the father of the baby was.

“Wait, wait, show, show aunt, sit down…”

One woman said to another, have tried to intervene to stop the recording

However, as she realized that Yes, it was a Realthe people began to enter in Panic; even to approach a couple of women tried to prevent, take.

With information from agencies.