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“The angel drunk” Rina Sawayama, “human ” explosive” created by Algora, in the failure of a person on a stretcher, in accordance with the Disclosure, a Nod of the genre quinqui Mint and the characteristics of the “Mad Max” with the participation of Megan Thee Stallion. Remove file masks video summary of the last weeks, and it turned out relatively their aesthetic and thematic.

Bad Friend (Rina Sawayama)

Before to put Japan on the map of world cinema “rashomon’ (1950), Akira Kurosawa spent two videos, if not punched border was of great importance in his filmography: ‘the angel in a state of intoxication’ (1948), the first collaboration with actor-fetish of Toshiro Mifune, and “mad dog” (1949). In “Bad Friend’, Director Ali Kurr reproduces the aesthetics of these two classic films Noir” Mariino. The clip, filmed in black and white and square format for these films starts with a scene which is practically on the basis of one of the ‘drunken angel’: one medium shot from behind the panels, outdoor terrace, typical tavern, Japanese (very often also in the movie, this great lover of sake, which was Azura RAM), with two men chatting and emborrachándose. Costumbrista scene, which is lit like a Noir artist, gradually turning into a nightmare of alcohol, the fever, the culmination of which resembles a pirouette narrative, the end of “fight club’ (1999).

Guys transparent (Algora)

Nokia years, rose to the podium. This metaphor, the visual, which appears multiple times in “Guys transparent’, works as a Declaration of intent of the Director in this video, I Read Worse. The clip can be interpreted as “magic technology” (Degrade Dixit), through which evokes the spirit of the eighties and nineties in the form of a retro design computer-telephone training yonqui and madelman in an object of sexual desire. Algora is Arthur in Bermuda??????????, what Excálibur stone-monitor and as teenagers frankensteinianos of “women’s” explosive’ (1984), creates its own Kelly LeBrock through a magical ritual-mail. Fantasy lúbrico research pack is a classic youth John Hughes (‘Weird Science” in its original title) in the fetish, and brooding pop music.

My High (Disclosure)

Background story ‘My High “still the waves of Comedy, the humor of the absurd, like” This is a very lively corpse ” (1989), or the French prior to Dupie (‘Steak’, ‘rubber’). The films are expressed for the idea, very tense to limit crazy projects. In this case, reduce controller fumeta launches a funny story, filmed with much dynamism-fast cutting, shutters, zooming, drawings are subjective, different planes of phototexture… – that of a man on a stretcher. The sofa that is for all a way that made it original: trash, obstacles, do stunts, skateboarding, stroller, children bed… the funny video ” is that though it is removed before the quarantine, I’ve seen from today’s point of view, his paintings seem to take on a new meaning. Cannot interpret the mess, this man’s hurt, as a metaphor of the realization about the shortcomings of health care in America and the fall poscovid-19?

Good to see you (Mint)

Work in the center Valdezarza, as in the film quinqui: it’s almost like in the years of its development strategy. Nearby is the City of Poets, the mythical “Rojonia” and Alejandro Belmonte who declared independence in 1990 and sought asylum from Fidel Castro. In this unique place, on the outskirts of Madrid, is ‘glad to see you’. The film tells the story of adultery, and Wake up homosexuality among the “navajeros” and “classmates”, which can be signed Eloy of the Church. Director Jllamas homenajea this genre domestic through the use of funny, especially retro (brush aesthetics quinqui-drink from ‘the history of Kronen “and almodovariana from” What have I done to deserve this?’), and presence in key ironic to some elements of the most recognizable photos: theft, threatening with a knife, a gun, jerk bags motillo, space, as a recreation area lumpen… the tax which will be added to the current revival of the genre, which is characterized by symptoms, can be traced, as in the movie, Rosalie, as a trap.

‘Girls In The Hood & Savage’ (Megan Thee Stallion)

“Mad Max 3. Beyond thunder dome ” is the worst film of the trilogy ‘Mad Max’, but also image more inspiring and fireworks. Megan Thee Stallion, seems to have been inspired by Tina Turner and I sang ‘We don’t Need Another Hero” to interpret this change feminizada and racializada characters, vehicles and environment, posapocalípticos created by George Miller in the film. Image performance, issued at the BET Awards, was the iconography that produces two large events this year 2020: by the pandemic coronavirus (mask, worn by ballerinas), and the murder of George Floyd (poster Black Lives Matter, in a fist, symbolizing Black Power).



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