Remdesivir respect to the reduction of the risk of mortality


The Pharmaceutical Companies Gilead Sciences said that its Remdesivir anti-viral is associated with a reduction in the risk of mortality in patients with COVID-19, according to additional data from a study of the late Phase,said Friday.

The study showed that the Remdesivir antiviral Gilead helped a lot in the clinical recovery of the patients with COVID-19 seriously ill.

The results of the analysis of their study showed, too late, that 74.4% of the patients with the Remdesivir of Gilead recovered by day 14, compared to 59.0% of the patients in the standard treatment, received the company informed.

The actions made Gilead to help rose by almost 2% in the concerns of the investors to calm down, by a Record growth in the cases of the coronavirus in the United States.

Last Weekthe European Commission approved the use of the Remdesivir of Gilead for the treatment of patients with coronavirus in the European Union (EU), after the approval of the European medicines Agency (EMA).

The Remdesivir Gilead Sciences has been developed for the treatment of patients with ebola hemorrhagic fever but it was not successful, but, during a process in the United States show the drug did have some effectiveness against the COVID-19.

The Remdesivir is designed to prevent certain virusesincluding the new coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2, Make copies of itself and overwhelm you may be able to the immune system of the body.

At The End Of June, Gilead he said he hoped to more than two million courses Remdesivirwith the brand Veklury, the end of the year, double its previous opponents.

74.4% of the patients who recovered with the Remdesivir of Gilead, from day 14. | Photo: Reuters.

The drug maker also plans to try a version inhaled more easy to use the Drugs administered well intravenously.

Use of Remdesivir in the United States

Today Florida authorities in the United States reported that could this weekend get Remdisivir for the treatment of sick COVID-19 who is in the hospital in that state.

Florida is one of the few States which does not reveal the number of patients in the hospital with COVID-19. But more than four dozen hospitals reported in Florida, that their intensive care units reached their full capacity at the beginning of this week.

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