Stephen amell Grant Gustin supports after the dismissal of Sawyer – The Flash – Spoiler Time


The actor who played Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man) was punished for their tweets with racist and enemy that has led to the fact that some of his colleagues their say.

Tweets Sawyer was written many years ago, but the content was a surprise for everyone. After the dismissal Sawyer Gustin shared with a short statement on social networks and said that he was “impressed, alarmed and distressed” and that “words have meaning”.

Amell this is the last star Arrowverse share your thoughts on the resignation Sawyer although your answer is just to share your support Gustin say “A grant is a type of reflective that I know” and then added that “I am proud to have worked with him.”

Publication Gustin and Amell contains an official statement on showrunner in The Flash, Eric Wallacewho is trying to make a program, a climate of openness: “In order to ease my task, I will continue to search for writers, Directors, actors and producers of all genres to help tell the story of the Flash”.