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The process of repatriation of extitular the AIC begins

At the request of the office of the attorney General of the Republic (FGR), the Ministry of foreign Affairs announced yesterday the start of the process of delivery Tomás Zerón de Lucio, extitular of the Agency for Criminal investigation (AIC) accused, witness and tolerate acts of torture against prisoners in the case of Ayotzinapa.

The ag’s office claims that the former Director of the Agency for Criminal investigation (AIC) is located in Canada, the country that supposedly fled from the end of last year.

That is why they asked the Secretariat for External relations (SRE), to the paperwork the return of the exmando policerequired, by a judge of the district of Mexico city, at the prison North, although it has not yet been arrested by the Interpol.

According to the FGR, Zerón de Lucio, experienced and tolerated the torture of detainees, in order to integrate the research on the 43 normalistas desaparecidos de Ayotzinapa.

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Since March of this year, sought to in more than 190 countries, according to which the Interpol issued the red for its location and detention at the request of the government of Mexico had.

According to the tab, red, Zerón de Lucio, who was close to former President Enrique Peña Nietocould move to the United States, Guatemala, Belize, Spain and Europe.

Yesterday, at a press conference under the chairmanship of the President Andrés Manuel López Obradorthe Chancellor said, to ensure that there is no impunity in this case, the SRE will strive to ensure that the delivery is to be made.

The Chancellor made it clear that there is a similar procedure that is performed to the extradition from the United States, César Duarte, Governor of Chihuahua.

“Now we start something similar in Canada, with Tomás Zerón. This means that impunity is not part of our role in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to ensure that, if there happen to cases of this kind, the delivery. Why? Because it is an important task of the Secretariat to ensure that these procedures are carried out in accordance with the laws of the various countries and successful”, – said the head of the country’s foreign policy.

June 30, Alejandro Gertz Manero, attorney General of the Republic (FGR), reported an outstanding warrant for the arrest of Tomás Zerón de Lucio, and the red chip had been on the Interpol to its localization at the international level.

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In case you find it in Canada, you must have the assurance that the Mexican government requested the extradition, in accordance with the applicable national legislation and on the basis of the bilateral Treaty on the matter, with the North-American nation.

The former Governor began the process in the United States

Miami -.— After being arrested, in this city of Florida last July 8, César Duartethe former Governor of Chihuahua, he attended his first video Audiencia dress in the clothing of the arrested, beige-grey, short sleeve and with their hands chained.

In the appointment he agreed to a “status conference” next Tuesday, is based on the information in the next screen, in the evaluation of the movement, it is expected that the defense for the bail.

Before the Federal court for the Southern district of Florida explains your rights, as well as the crimes of embezzlement and conspiracy against him in Mexico for alleged diversion of 96.6 million pesos from two of his companies.

Analysts consulted say that in the case of the Governor it is not to save possible, because it could lead to enough financial resources and personal relationships, in some attempt to escape.

The defense of Duarte stressed that I needed to gather the information and speak with the lawyers of the Ex-Governor in Mexico, and they agreed to set the hearing, provisionally, for the 23 or 24 July.

In addition to judge Louis and the defendant Duarte, were connected by telephone to the attorneys of the accused and the interpreter in the same. Therefore, I had to be sure that all of listen.

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The document of the delivery was from the District court of New Mexico, on 24. April 2020. It details, about 13 pages, the way that Duarte mainly two companies, Union Ganadera Regional General Division of the Northern state of Chihuahua and the Financial division of the North, in which he was the main shareholder.

The detour via the principal sum of 96 million 685 thousand 253.80 pesos, in accordance with this document; however, the research that what is stolen by the former Governor, during his administration, from 2010 to 2016, a thousand 200 million pesos.

The next hearing was scheduled for July 14 on the 3:30 hours, the time of Miami. The appointment will be by telephone and Duarte agreed to present, since it is only for matters of hours. Tom Heinemann, a lawyer and intelligence of the State Department, said in a court document filed in the Protocol to the extradition Treaty between the two countries “with full force”.

THE UNIVERSAL was the only means of communication to be in the same room, where the judge Lauren Louis held the first video-consultation for the delivery of the exmandatario condition.

Former Director of Pemex, will be delivered in the next few days

Madrid.— The National court of Spain declared that the strength of the Auto-delivery Emilio Lozoya Austin to Mexico and reported that the Interpol to go out with the extradition of the former Director of the Pemex the Mexican authorities, according to sources, the high court reported the correspondent.

In the following week Lozoya Austin, the extradition of Mexico could be a new stage in the persecution of political personalities of the past six years, some of them close to former President Enrique Peña Nieto will open.

After reporting to Interpol and confirmed definitely the delivery of Lozoya, is now to act, to the Mexican authorities, the need to take the claims to manage in Madrid, his transfer to Mexico. To do this, you will have a month of term, although it is expected that the supply of Lozoya come in the next few days.

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The former Director of Pemex could travel to Mexico on a commercial flight or on a plane, activated by the office of the attorney General of the Republic, in any case, but it is permanently guarded by agents of the Mexicans to move after the Spanish police to Lozoya from the prison of Navalcarnero, in madrid Barajas airport and go formally to his extradition.

The National court gave the green light for the extradition of express to Lozoya to accept voluntarily surrendered to the Mexican authorities, so that his case does not have to go through the Spanish Council of Ministers.

The former Director of Pemex, was arrested by the Interpol in Spain in the last month of February, when he left a luxury resort in the municipality of malaga, to Gibraltar. After his arrest, the judge of the ” Audiencia Nacional Ismael Moreno ordered his admission to the prison, provisional, unconditional, and communicated that then Lozoya rejected his extradition to Mexico, a decision has finally repented, faced with the possibility of mitigation in his sentence in exchange for the provision of information to the Mexican authorities on cases of bribery in which he is allegedly involved.

In January 2017, initiated by then General Prosecutor’s office an investigation against the exfuncionario for crime, the property in the case of the company Odebrechtas for the ” now-FGR took and managed the assurance of a apartment of the defendant, in the fraccionamiento Lomas de Bezares.

Once that is handed over to the ag ‘ s office of the Interpol, the exfuncionario be presented to a Federal judge of the prison to the North, in Mexico city, to answer for the crimes of money laundering, organised crime and corruption.