Trump says now we give you an access to citizenship to ‘dreamers’ | International


In yet another apparent change of criteria about the DACA program, the President of the United States, Donald Trump said on Friday that it is proposed to legalize the 700 000 undocumented immigrants-beneficiaries of this protection is to offer them a “path to citizenship” american. The announcement in passing, in a TV interview, comes less than a month to clear after the Supreme court were in the position that this program protects them from deportation came to immigrants in the United States as minors.

“I’m going to have a great immigration law,” said Trump in an interview with José Díaz-Balart on Telemundo. “One of the aspects that the draft law is DACA, we are going to have a path to citizenship,” underlined twice. “I will send an invoice as an executive order,” said Trump. When the journalist asked whether he was referring to a law (issued by the Congress) or executive order (decree), has made it clear that he was referring to an executive order.

The DACA program was established by the decree of the President Barack Obama in 2012 faced with the frustration due to the lock of the Congress on any progress in the legalization of millions of immigrants in the United States. Only applies to undocumented immigrants brought to came to the United STATES irregularly, you were by your parents as a minor. To get the conditions you need for model citizens. It is an identity certificate and a work permit, which is renewed every two years. Is not equivalent to any kind of immigration status it step to the state to apply for citizenship. It is simply an administrative protection for these young people, who can not be deported. These young people have to come calling Dreamer (Dreamer).

As a candidate, Trump several shots in his reflections on the DACA was a program that enjoys broad support in the United States, regardless of ideologies. On the one hand, dedicated to praise to the young people, who are protected by him, and another claimed that they had around the country. Once in the White house, Trump’s three years spent thus, trying to eliminate the DACA program, and has the threat of deportation from these young people as pawns in various political negotiations. His management have tried to remove it by the court, but on 18. In June, the Supreme court, a ruling that left the program intact.

Trump protested the sentence, saying it was “terrible” and “politically motivated”. The next day, he promised a new case to the end of the DACA program. In the interview this Friday, however, Trump interpreted that the judgment of the Supreme gives you forces that do not have to adopt before, and laws, by the regulation on the Dreamer. “A lot of people, including many Republicans, are very happy”, has apostille.



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