Vicente Carrillo, and Ramón Arellano Félix, “to escape The cow”: the narcos, the transforms your appearance, the justice


(Photo: Special)
(Photo: Special)

In order to hide his identity, the drugs seized Barone, the plastic surgery change your face, the color of the skin, the mutilation of fingerprints, all in order to hide their illegal activities.

Among the most famous cases is that of a drug dealer Amado Carrillo, the “Lord of heaven” (1956-1997), who wanted to change the face and ended to change the world. The death of the founder of the Juarez cartel, has occurred, while in a cosmetic surgery procedure.

According to the official version, the heart of the boldest and most powerful of the drug traffickers could not resist the eight-hour operation. The autopsy showed that she had someone who delivered a hypnotic medication, which caused mixed with the anesthesia, you a respiratory arrest.

The death of Carrillo, an escalation of the murders, all over the North of the country.followed

Amado Carrillo,
Amado Carrillo, “the Lord of The skies,” died in a surgery room (photo: file)

Vicente Carrillo Leyva

Vicente Carrillo Leyva, that when he died his father, Amado Carrillo, was 21 years old and now she goes by the 43— feu stopped by the police, while it was a sport very close to your homein the forest of the hills of Mexico city. He was dressed in white in a track suit and wore thick glasses, black paste.

I lived under these names as false as his apparent façade proved to be an entrepreneur. Alias “The engineer”, presented to various physical changes, such as surgery of your chin, eyebrows and nose.

Vicente Carrillo Leyva,
Vicente Carrillo Leyva, “The heir or The engineer.” Son of the drug dealer and the founder of the Juarez cartel, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, “Lord of heaven”.

José Armando Briseño, known as “The cow”

Juan Miguel Torres Linares, and/or Jose Armando Briseño he was always a bit of pride. The sinister operator of the Cartel Jalisco New Generationknown in the world of drugs as “The cow,” so that became boastful of their power in the social networks.

This is after a search of the journalist Antonio Nietowho revealed the details of the profile of Facebook of the alleged criminal.

“The cow” 30 pounds of a different profile have fell before the attack, the chief of police, Garcia Harfuch (photo: twitter/siete_letras)

The main suspect in the attack against the chief of police of the city, Omar Garcia Harfuch, took the tactic “narco chameleon”. According to the data of intelligence, the Lieutenant would have dropped at least 30 pounds of and cut the beard, the head of the armed aggression against Garcia Harfuch, the last 26.June.

The purpose of the physical change was they adopt a low profile in the city of Mexicosince the capo was in the crosshairs of the authorities jaliscienses.

“The Betito”, the “new” face of violence in CDMX

“The Betito” we have hair-prosthesis and gastric bypass, which fell to change more than 30 pounds, his physical appearance (photo: file)

Roberto Moyado Esparza, alias “El Betito”the leader of the criminal group the Union of Tepitoand who are they imposed a new and violent form of work in Mexico city, is operated, thinned out, and the transplanted hair will not be identified. Moved from house to house, in order not to be detected and is made to be of a honorable owners of bars and cantinas.

However, or her long visits to the surgery and the recurring changes of address, saved him from his arrest on 9. August 2018, while riding in a pickup truck Tahoe, driven by his brother.

“The Betito”, it is pointed out, by the order of at least 50 executions during the ten years, the farms had, in lower positions in the Mexican capital.


“The cow”, the operator of the CJNG would have operated against Garcia Harfuch , changed his appearance in order not to be detected