We have already decided Hilaria and Alec Baldwin will be the fifth child ContraRéplica


Times wife, Alec Baldwin, went in with him to make sure his famous husband that the expansion of a new family, it is a good idea, despite the fact that he believes that of the four brothers and sisters, what they have in common -Carmen (6), Rafael (4), Leonard (2), Romeo (15 months) and big sister Ireland, the fruit of the failed marriage of the actor Who??????????, already more than enough.

“We have four kids, but she wants at least once. So that we will have a fifth”, the famous translator, 61 years old, in the episode she recorded for the program “Campaign With Kevin”, albeit slowly, to explain that his wife is not pregnant, at least what he knows.

He Hilaria that in April last year suffered a miscarriage in the first weeks of pregnancy, was forced to turn to social networks to confirm that they do not expect a new baby after many of her relatives began to call to give him the greeting: “why no one told me that he has another child on the way? I would like to be I could do on the day, such things are important, I hate to be the last to know!”, she said.

Concerns initials, Alec to the opportunity to repeat the experience of fatherhood seemed to respond to purely financial concerns associated with providing the welfare of his wife and his posterity in case something.

“Money is the only thing I would have in this life to dejárselo my wife, when I die, because I’m not going to be on your side for a long time, let’s see the truth. And I have to leave a significant amount of money, that’s a lot of tickets!” took aim with a sense of humor, as a rule.

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