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WWE superstar, Tegan Foxdoing that publicly it lesbianismo with pictures next to his bride. In peleadora that it is necessary for NXT division wrote in his Instagram account: “life is beautiful”. In addition, he added, hearts with flowers LGTBIQ.

The students are very happy. “I am very happy”, “I’m your number one fan, and I’m very glad” or “Both look very good together. It is a pity that love always wins” is just some comments.

Tegan Fox signed a contract with the aforementioned company in the struggle in 2017, and she, along with Rhea Ripley was part of many NXT wrestlers who have invaded the Smackdown program in 2019, to challenge Mandy rose Sonia Deville in action on the computers. The first will be a good trip.

Yes, Sonia Deville was the first star lesbians in the company of Vince McMahon, “I Believe that the LGBTIQ community is thrilled to have a person in WWE who can be,” said for the newspaper “the Sun”.

“I was afraid to be who he was. It is only four years old that I look like me. Had not been gay. I was afraid to be who he was. Makes only four that I see myself I wasn’t gay. He was not even agree with it to say the word “gay,” he told Fox News.

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