4 steps, Karlie Kloss, to take care of the skin at Victoria’s Secret


Models tend to focus not only on the appearance of the body, but also his face. That’s why take care of my skin like one of its most valuable treasures. Karlie Kloss, is no exception this procedure is based on four steps to prepare before the famous fashion show of Victoria’s Secret.

Top model released a video on Youtube at the Barber’s face and is an expert in skin care, Georgie, Lou, in which he spoke in detail about his daily life that took all of five minutes. Method, who explained that they use other “angels” of Victoria’s Secret.


The first stepmodel immerses the face in ice water for about 20 seconds. According to experts, this is a great way to begin the procedure, because with this technique stretches and gives a glow to the skin. In addition, it stimulates and gives a feeling of freshness and liberation.

The second step: Kloss is used face mask. Louis claims that they can be more effective than the morning harvest.And it is recommended to masajearse face when treatment is applied, starting first on his forehead, and rolling down the face, gestures horizontal. Then there are small bumps all over face using fingertips to stimulate circulation. And finally, with the thumbs run circles around eyes (use this finger because this, the more pressure). The last part of the injection product gently swipe.

The third step: top model hydrates the skin cream or serum to the use of makeup attaches easily to the face. Specialist care for the skin, when applied with technical Swedish is to stimulate blood circulation by moving the fingertips on the skin (as in the previous step). It also stimulates and stimulates the skin.

The fourth stepfinally, the model uses the funds to care for the face of metal and a special frozen to massage the face and desinflamar skin. If you want to do in the house, you can use teaspoons, frozen.

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