According to Mexico, the ashes of the Mexican deaths per Covid come-19 in EU


In the night of this Saturday 245 urns came to Mexico with the ashes the Mexican deaths in the United States there Covid-19.

In a statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) reported that the remains were moved from New York in a plane of the Mexican air force and prior to his departure, the ash was carried to the Cathedral of St. Patrick from the city, where he led a mourning ceremony, which was witnessed by the family.

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The SRE reported that it continues to consular assistance and protection to Mexicans affected by the pandemic Covid-19.

Until last June 15, the Mexican Ministry of foreign Affairs informed had, the the death of at least a thousand 345 Mexican in the United States because of the virus, in addition to the report nearly 400 infections confirmed.

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According to the data of the consular network of Mexico in U.S. territory, the Federal state with the largest number of deaths of Mexicans in New York, with 719 deaths, followed by California, with 155; and Illinois, with 140.




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