Boxer Julio Cesar Chavez has his own lottery ticket


“In the National lottery, we are celebrating honored to, sports figures, Stand for Mexico so international, that is the reason why with the draw zodiac number 1490, we celebrate the birthday of Julio César Chávez,” said the institution.

The image of the fighters appears to be in 2 million to 400,000 cachitos, which are distributed in all States of the country.

The draw for the zodiac to be held this Sunday with a jackpot of seven million pesos (about $ 340,000), and a bag of 24 million (a little more than a million dollars) in a row.

“I already sell a small bought little from the lottery, you can buy. For those who have bought it are very happy,” Chavez said in a video on their social networks.

The President of the World Boxing Council, Mauricio Sulaiman, welcomed the tribute to the athletes and thanked the National lottery for the gesture to be one of the best athletes in Latin America in the twentieth century.

“The honor should do in life, and this way, it is through the National Lottery, which is a huge thing. We are happy because, once again, the boxes, the hand lifts, the goal leads to the opening of the Julius Caesar,” said Sulaiman, referring to the resumption of the competition after a three-month suspension by the COVID-19.

Julio Cesar Chavez serves as a commentator for Boxing in a tv station.

The boxer is well-maintained, excellent performance is shown, which he showed at the beginning of this year, in a dispute, the show with the former world-Jorge “Travieso” Arce, 17 years younger, his fearsome ‘jab’ to the left and the graceful movements of the waist of the old times.

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