Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, is your romantic love story


Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham going to marry Nicola Peltz. Announced yesterday the proud mother of a beautiful couple of photos, soon after the Brooklyn rose the same way, and share brothers Romeo and Cruz. Your father was the last to accede to the wishes. “Now begins a fascinating journey together, we are very happy for you,” wrote the proud. The young couple will go to the altar, ten months after the beginning of the love story, which was, by leaps and bounds.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, which in the end, to announce his marriageVIEW GALLERY

The first time the partner ceased to see in public was on Halloween that Leonardo DiCaprio was organized last year. Brooklyn just break up with Hannah Cross, and, although the press the results of other conquests, like a sister to Kate moss, finally, the image quality is very lovey-dovey at JFK airport in new York, made in December 2019, confirmed that with whom he restored the illusion, the photographer was with Nicola Peltz, the young actress of 24 years, known for her involvement in such films as Transformers: age of extinction or The Last Airbender, and because of his role as Bradley Martin in the series Bates Motel.

Brookyn and Nicola, romanceVIEW GALLERY

With the fact that they decided to join the road, the young couple didn’t want to waste time. From the first minute showed that his case was serious. Soon began to emerge, I met with a family from another, a real challenge for all business, and there is no doubt that we overcame successfully. Brooklyn did a very good crumb with his brother, willand his brothers Cruz and Romeo soon began to track the profile Nicola, quickly become more between Beckham. As shown by various media, Victory, very happy with my daughter-in-lawwho thinks, beautiful, rich, well-educated, ambitious, hardworking and very respectful.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola PeltzVIEW GALLERY

What are the new David and Victoria?

Nicholas, who in the past supported a romantic relationship with Anwar Hadid, Bella’s brother and Gigi Hadid and Brooklyn as a rule, exchange messages love publiclystatements like “I promise to take care of you always and love you with all my heart that he wrote a few months ago, more Beckham. The statement that was not omitted, and the actress responded, saying, “you have my heart.” The intensity with which they live their love story in public speeches, in love, as his passion trends, made us often think of the other partner, 20 years ago: David and Victoria Beckham, who caused a sensation in the 2000s, his style, almost tweening. Short dress, in games with his partner, the photographer is expert in coordinated thus, fine clothing, or similar, taking the same silhouettes, and Nicola. Now, for people who believe that leads to more Predictor will bring the bride and groom at the wedding, but also their families.



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