EU recorded data rate of the spread of Covid-19, with more than 66 thousand cases


The United States, the country with the strongest coronavirusSaturday 66 thousand recorded 528 new cases, a new recording every day, according to a census of the Johns Hopkins University.

United States Of America a total of 3 million 242 thousand 73 infections, overall the university was headquartered in Baltimore, in their latest data. The death toll rose to 134 EUR 729 thousand, with 760 additional deaths.

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A census of the University indicates that due to a desconfinamiento the number of deaths from Covid-19 could, especially in the States of the South and the West. The average of deaths rose from 578 664 in the last two weeks.

Recently, the President of the United States, Donald Trump he visited a hospital, where he was seen with facial wipes for the first time, since we took the first case of Covid in u. s. territory.