Lopez-asked Gatell, look, guilty, and calls for co-responsibility


The Deputy minister of health, Hugo López Gatell, pleaded for the “co-responsibility” and asked to take the blame for the epidemic of COVID-19.

In the evening lecture, announced that he expected that the Sunday or the Monday, of the report on the new traffic light, the entities determines the degree of opening of the Federal. “Yesterday I explained that we identified inconsistencies and we are revistando systematically”.

Lee: health not presents traffic light COVID-19 and refers to offer on States to “inconsistent information”

He also announced a system “to monitor thoroughly and in detail”, the data that is offered by the state”.

“We appeal to the co-responsibility of all and all. House means the stewardship that we all have something to do,” Lopez Gatell. In his view, companies tend to look “you are guilty”, in interpretations, the “unproductive”.

“Who was responsible to mutate for this virus?”, asked a number of times. He recalled that the mutation of the body, as the virus is a biological phenomenon “that occurs in the world for thousands of years”.

“Who is guilty that? No one in particular. It makes No sense to think that it is a person, two, or seven. There are No people responsible,” he said.

Lee: Mexico has more than 295 thousand cases of COVID, and 34 thousand 730 deaths confirmed

“You can identify and analyze the way of life of the people especially in the twentieth century and the few years of the twenty-first century, the phenomenon is responsible. But can’t see that there is a responsible person. This is not a matter of people,” he said.

In this sense, López Gatell, that “the teachings that can take the humanity, have nothing to do with debt to refer to a person of the recognizable first and last name, but a way of life, among us, in society and with the planet.”

“It’s not a matter of reductionism, perhaps too simple, that this person is guilty or that the person is guilty, and to generate confrontations. This is not a kind of rationing is helpful,” he said.

A day after the designation of States, and claim that almost all of them lead to a time-lag of at least twice in the data provided by the Federal government, López Gatell, the tone changed.

“We congratulate and thank the action in General, dedicated to the health authorities of the country is responsible for all. These are the President of the Republic, the health authority, the Secretary of health and country governments. All the world is focused on the task at hand and do positive actions,” he said.

The communication focused on the citizens and not the authorities. Said, that what he wanted to say, was not the evening “to see their state government or city government as responsible.”

He asked each of the Mexicans, the “measures that matter”, because the virus is in the form of a pandemic, at least until October, but it could be that the widespread presence of extended, the space of two or three years at the global level.

“It is useless to think that prevention efforts alone, has come from the government,” he said. “We’re all part of this and how important it is to integrate into the own life and the lives of the close to and all of the specific practices that are relatively simple: a healthy distance; when there is no need, if it is something absolutely necessary to protect you sneeze, use the mask as an auxiliary instrument of prevention, especially in confined areas.

For the second time since the pandemic, López Gatell spreads in Mexico, you put the mask in public, and reiterated its “utility in enclosed spaces and public transport”.

“The mask can be a useful mechanism to effectively intervene with the spread of the respiratory secretions of people who do not want to project the virus. It is less solid evidence about the usefulness as a barrier for the protection of people who do not want to infect,” he said.

The question about the traffic lights, López Gatell found that the colors, which the member States remain in force until Monday. He said he hopes that on Sunday or Monday of the status of the member States change, as soon as you have checked that the “inconsistencies” that had been reported the previous day.

They also wanted to know the opinion of López Gatell after the opening of CDMX. The doctor pleaded not someone else’s fault””. To show “instead, all of us are aware, we are still in the midst of a pandemic,” he said.

President of BREAD questions for meeting with Alcocer

During the Deputy this message before throwing an arbitrator in accordance with the sightings of the day, the nine presidents of the BREAD grouped announced in the Association, the President of the National action that you will ask the questions for a meeting with the secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, explanations for the claims of López Gatell, who pointed out that the States by not giving reliable information for the development of the traffic light.

The governors of Aguascalientes, Tamaulipas, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Durango, and Baja California Sur, Guanajuato, and Querétaro, at a joint event and subsequently announced in their joint action.

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