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The astrologer of origin Puerto Rico Walter’s MarketI had a great ambition to a biopic on Netflix and he said that in its more than 80 years has not lost the confusion that it was, Yes, it is that he would be starring a new husband, Eiza Gonzalez, Timothée Chalameton the screen girl.

In biopic, “Lots of Love: legend Walter” Market Netflix history Walter’s Market Salinas friend who lived in Puerto Rico, on his way as an actor and dancer, and his position as an astrologer with Univision.

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On the ribbon, co-Director, Cristina Costantini, acknowledged that different parts of production, Variety magazine, among them, – said the astrologer, he wanted to actor Franco-American,Timothée Chalamet, it protagonizará.

“I even offered Gael Garcia Bernal and said, “Too old.” Then we said, ‘who llamarías for interpretarte?’ And said, “Who is this guy, call Me, what’s your name?’ And we said, ‘well, Timothée Chalamet?’ And said, “Yes, it will be a good opportunity for him.” I like that they chose this child,” shared Costantini for publication.

Another element of the production, said that Puerto Rico may be in his eighth decade of life, but did not lose sight of youth and beauty. “There may be some rendering issue, but Walter always choose youth and beauty to every thing, including representation in America,” says, between laughter producer Alex Fumero.

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Cristina Costantini said that there was extravagance and glamour feature of our astrologer, which eventually led him to accept this project. “This is our mr. Rogers, Oprah and Queen Elizabeth, all combined into one. I think that on some level, we were very surprised to hear that he agreed to do the film, but I really wanted to be open, I wanted attention and I wanted to do for his return. We think it will return, but, of course, the upshot was that the song of the Swan. Really loved the light and camera. Gave him energy, they gave him life,” he said that in the land of blood and honey.

In the documentary, graduated from the saved days before Walter died in 2019, it was a picture people, its culinary delights, and the character of the media. See also: Peter Damian protects Eiza Gonzalez after criticism for ‘blackheads” and says it is his fault

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