Orlando bloom and Katy Perry will give a “Yes, I do” at the end of this year


What will happen to the wedding of the year in Hollywood? Although many guests at the wedding Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner you ask who will be the next to say “Yes, I want”, perhaps, did not expect that for the next couple, marriage will be between the participants of the ceremony, which took place last weekend in Wyomingand also , according to daily newspaper” In Uncompromising.

It is possible that views will not begin to rotate, it was these more attractive to this day (except, of course, the groom), we’re talking about lovers Orlando bloom and Katy Perry. Singer “Roar“the actor who played in the movie “The Lord of the rings“they have taken on in the past, February 14, 2019, without a doubt, the most romantic of the year. Then, announced their plans to marry, exchange of photographs submitted by hand in social networks.

Currently you’re on the preparations for his wedding, finalizing details of what will be one of the main events of the year Hollywood. In fact, a source close to the translator “Pirates of the Caribbean“confirmed warehouse People “it will be a close wedding, which will take place in late 2019”. In addition, in the opinion of the respondents know the exact date, but prefer to keep it a secret.

On the other hand, people allegada actor decided to speak out in the same interview that the famous steam account with ‘wedding planner’ to complete all in order, on the expected ceremony. “Cathy seems to be on post, but Orlando also participates in the planning,” said the source, who said for sure that neither of the two” seems to be emphasized in the subject.”

Because of this, it is expected only that it was “holiday fun with family and friends.” It should be recalled that earlier this year, another Respondent admitted that Orlando bloom and Katy Perry they wanted to maintain in absolute “privacy”, all the details of the transfer already, that they both preferred that this event is “small”. Star (34) and painter (42), began his advances, and in 2016, while their relationship went public within two years after.

This, of course, not all was rosy in this fantastic story about love, what are the reasons? Well, Orlando and Katie was broken for about a year, but at the beginning of 2018 accepted his advances with energy renovated, and in April of the same year, he decided on the official your love relationships, giving advice that added step. Now you can see that a couple in love that he never (according to the pictures and dedication that they publish on their official accounts).

Finally, as an example of the latter, and then the words of the actor, after the publication of a touching photo (which confirms that he feels happy beside his promised): “Great weekend to be loved and to celebrate love, congratulations beautiful Relationship @karliekloss @joshuakushner ❤ this”, concluded, Orlando Bloom from his personal account Instagram. In the picture you can see a field of green Wyoming and they looked at each other (one another) are very much in love.