Premiere of HBO, from 13 to 19 July: All series and movies – New movies


‘Megalodon’, ‘Dirty Dancing’, Dollface’… to Find these and other names that will appear on the platform in ‘streaming’ this week.

Nostalgia The Princess bride. Adventure and action Megalodon. Remember the College years with The soul of celebration. Dance Dirty Dancing. To free your imagination Dollface… On the street, now with the onset of heat, not the best place to do all of the things listed above. So we are lucky to have the platform as HBO which allow us to travel to various stories, not to change the radiator and comfort in our homes.

HBO premieres July 2020: All movies and TV shows

Below you can find the movies and TV shows, which produces service in ‘streaming’ per week From 13 to 19 July.



First season Dollface comes to HBO. Its heroine-the actress kat dennings, who gives life, the woman, the girl leaves the groom. This is something that they should adapt to your fantasy you play some other trick. Especially when you re-enter the peace, friendship, to restore those that he left behind. A fiction created by Jordan, Weiss and writing to deal with Shay Mitchell and Brenda song.

Premiere: July 17.


Grizzy and the lemmings

Created Josselin Charier, Grizzy and the lemmings this series of animation is happening in the mountains very far future. It all starts when the bear Grizzy delves into the hut, left by the ranger and discovers that there are militant groups, and has prepared for lemmings. HBO premiere of his second season for the little house.

Premiere: 17 July



In the deepest place on the planet, even more than the pit in the Mariana Islands, a group of scientists, organizes expeditions in the framework of monitoring underwater. During the process they make a great discovery: the giant creature that was thought to be extinct attack crew that becomes trapped in their underwater laboratory. To save their lives, they hire a specialist in deep-sea rescue Jonas, Taylorwho should win in a deadly prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon. Jason Statham, Li Bingbing and Rainn Wilson star in this film directed by Jon Turteltaub.

Premiere: On 14 July.

The soul of celebration

Ben Falcone directs The soul of celebrationComedy starring: Melissa McCarthy, Gillian Jacobs and Maya Rudolph. Dina a wonderful wife, mother and mistress of the house, where life is turned on its head when her husband leaves. Then the hero decides to return to the University at the same time in the same class as her daughter. Dean will live the same as every other student: partying, crazy love relationship and experience that will allow you to find yourself.

Premiere: On 14 July.

Dirty Dancing

In the summer of 1963. Baby this young man, 17 years trapped in some boring family. But the situation becomes different when he meets Johnny Castlethe power of attorney is to give dance lessons in the tourist complex, in which the hero is. The child should rendida before the delights of johnny, and despite their differences, both begin a relationship in which she dances, is the key. Classic romance Director: Emile Ardolino is starring Jennifer grey, Patrick Swayze and Jerry Orbach.

Premiere: July 15.

The Princess bride

A classic directed by Rob Reiner, The Princess bridetells the story of a young Buttercupwho spends his days on the farm of the Kingdom of Florin. To meet there Westleythe young man from the stables. As they grow older, the two fall in love. Everything is complicated when the event does, what do you think, Buttercup that her lover is dead, and before this idea, she agrees with the evil Prince Humperdinck. But all is not lost, because one day, three strange to kidnap the Princess to defeat their ruler. When Westley to find what happened in the rush to save his beloved and not to prevent the marriage. Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin plays a role in this film.

Premiere: July 15.

Bee Movie

Simon J. Smith, Steve Hickner send Bee Movie. Animated film still Barry B. Bensonlittle bees current. After receiving a degree violates one of the basic laws of the hive: to communicate with people. But this point of disobedience to him is to discover that people are stealing the honey in his community and embarks on a journey to inform the user. How? Putting a lawsuit against the entire human race. Gad Elmaleh, Jean-Pierre Castaldi and Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, providing the voices of the characters.

Premiere: 19 Jul.



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