Slain, a driver who asked to use passengers, face towels


The driver of a bus in France, who was beaten by a passenger refusing to use the mask in a compelling way, died in the hospital on Friday; the French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, and the family of the victim confirmed.

Philippe Monguillot, 59, was left brain-dead after the attack on the city southwest of Bayonne on 5. July. His family decided to disconnect his life support on Friday. “We decided to let it go. The doctors were in favour, and us too,” said Marie Monguillot, the daughter of the victim.

After this attack, four men were arrested and charged. The attack occurred on Sunday around 19:15 hrs (local time) drove to Biarritz. The bus driver checked the Tickets of one of the men, and the four asked to be placed, face cloths, as they are mandatory in public transport systems in French. This incident, according to the office of the Prosecutor, led the attack against Monguillot.

The family held a demonstration on 8. To request July justice The family held a demonstration on 8. To request July justice / photo: AP

“The Republic recognizes in him a model citizen and will not forget it. The laws punish the perpetrators of these heinous crimes,” wrote the Prime Minister Castex, describing the attack as “cowardly”.

The French interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, also expressed his condolences to the friends, family and colleagues of Monguillot.

“This heinous act and cowardly should not go unpunished. To Bayonne tomorrow, I travel, make a point of security in the city, with the officials of the state and meet with the drivers of public transport and the unions,” he wrote on Twitter.

The company for which he Monguillot, Keoilis, worked for the safety of the employees is improved, the provision of guards at some of its bus routes in the area.

The company observed a minute of silence in their offices and in their transportation networks on Wednesday in mourning for Monguillot, according to CNN.

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