Solar Eclipse in the year 1991. So they lived in Mexico for 29 years (Video)


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Mexico City /

In the last few weeks, in the sky, was the scene of incredible astronomical phenomena, such as the Eclipse-Ring of Fire and the so-called moon of strawberries. But 29 years ago Mexico is experiencing a total Eclipse of the sunas one of the most surprising events that shocked the whole country 1991 and it was visible in more than 20 States.

The eclipse singler occurred on the 11. In July 1991, and was seen in the Mexican territory, at about 11:50 hours. The phenomenon began in Hawaii, the United States and on to Mexico, where he saw for the first time in La Paz, Baja California, then came to Nayarit, Jalisco, Mexico city and Chiapas. Finally, he toured through Central America and part of South America.

This wonderful astronomical event, captured the Mexicans who had abandoned, to value their homes every detail of the eclipse of knowledge, which reached its total phase at 13:21 hours. The sky darkened two times, the 11. July, 1991, by what was as “The spectacle of the century”.

So he lived the total solar Eclipse in Mexico city

All of the media about the spectacular event. The eclipse is also the transmission of the news broadcast, where he shared live pictures of the every moment of the event. The solar Eclipse lasted for a record time, it took 7 minutes and 2 seconds at its maximum point.

In Mexico city, hundreds of people the exact time that the moon covered the entire sun came to see the zocalo, and the sky was dark in the morning. In the transmission of Televisa, the delivery by Jacobo Zabludovsky, you can see some scenes of people stunned in the streets with the eclipse.

It is worth noting that the sun was Eclipse of 1991 in the midst of a wave of rumors about its origin. What is not in doubt, that it was an impressive scene, never seen before.