Strategy of the war would help to combat the Covid-19


Prior to the failure of chemicals for the production of the required test mass, which recognize the Covid-19a group of scientists in the application of tests, interviews, strategy was carried out suggested that, in the soldiers during the The Second World Warand, in countries such as China, India, Germany and the United States have already chosen.

Between this form of testing is widely used, with four of them seem to be the most promising, thanks to the mathematical methods on which they are based, so that health experts were convinced that the analysis of simultaneous samples from a variety of patients, it would save you time, money and chemical reagents.

In a recent publication of “the nature”, explains the first method, the collectives, on the basis of the strategies of the test group in the 1940s, were proposed by Robert Dofman, for the assessment of soldiers, the a positive effect on the disease of syphilis.

In this method, mix an equal amount of samples collected from swabs nasal, which is analyzed in the case of the SARS-CoV-2 recabarían samples from the throat of the people for their synchronic analysis, that is, at the same time, and discount for groups of samples, the negative and those who tested positive for the individual.

To disperse during the month of may, when the sanitary contingency began, in the cities of Wuhan in China, the health authorities, took the decision in favour of almost the entire population of 2.3 million people, using this type of method, with results identified 56 people with infection of the novel coronavirus have been, which made it possible to isolate the grieving person, too early.

However, it is important to note that this test is more effective when the infection levels in the region is low, with a value equivalent to the 1%.

In the second method, has the skills, the still more refined than the first, because it is the quality of the work in a much larger test group, indicating a lower demand for personalized medical diagnostics.

The method of the three, consisting of multiple dimensions, what does that mean? We apply two post-tests to groups, the positive test, whether a sample contains the viral RNA of the Covid-19, the two tests will be positive, which facilitates the identification of the person concerned.

Experts say the test of this class are part of the strategy of the Federal government to quickly and to isolate infected people. In addition, this process would lead to the fall of the evidence, its approximate price of nine dollars, plus 200 Mexican pesos, 75 cents.

You have to agree with Sigrun Smola, a molecular virologist at the Medical center of the University of Saarland in Homburg, in Germany, he warned that the groups analysed, should not be more than 20 people, and is not recommended for the group of more than 30, that a sufficient precision. Larger groups makes it difficult the detection of the virus and the opportunities for climbing, crawling positive.

The method of four, known as the “single-step”, as some researchers claimed that two test rounds are too many, when it comes to a fast-spreading virus than SARS-CoV-2.

However, the experts are aware of the fact that all of the tests in a single group, the increase in the number that means more money and only save time would. The focus of this implies that each test the same number of samples, and the sample of each person must be tested, the same number of times.

Therefore, it was felt that a good way, more just the process in the framework of the laboratory is through an application for mobile phones designed specifically to give the user the right way to mix the samples.