Study proves that the corona virus itself is transmitted via the air


Research with ferrets has found that the Corona Virus is able to transmit over the air

A group of scientists from the Department of Virology of the Medical centre of Erasmus University, and the Laboratory of Animal Science of the same center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, carried out Study that shows the coronavirus it is transmitted through the air.

The report, published in the Magazine Nature he claims that “there is a lack of solid evidence” given that the experiment made with three ferrets found that this is possible. The evidence reveals, only two days after the world health organization (WHO), the transfer by air the Covid-19 in closed spaces.

To meet this statement, researchers commissioned by the nasal passages to several ferrets with a sample of SARS-CoV-2 a German tourist who tested positive for coronavirus after a trip to China. Six hours after exposure to the virus, placed the ferret in a cage next to another that is not infected.

One day after not being introduced to another ferret that had been exposed also, in a cage next to and a distance of 10 centimeters. It should be noted that each cage had a steel grating that may ran the air to limit the possibility of infection by the virus, only to the Transmission Air.

In addition, In a cage, the ferret was, without contact with other animals, and in the other two ferrets: one infected, and another which would maintain direct contact with him. The results have shown that ferrets that had no direct contact with those infected, between one and 3 days after the virus is in contact, positive.

But that’s not all, the animals were in a cage, regardless, but that she had, breathed the same air, were also infected. However, it is not know whether this is happening through the air by droplets, aerosols, or both. The Study reinforced the use of the mask in enclosed areas with poor ventilation and even in environments that are socially remote.