The curse of ‘Glee’: a tragic end Naya Rivera joins a long list of ills in series | Celebrities, VIPs


Last Wednesday, July 8, the Sheriff’s office Ventura County, a town Northwest of Los Angeles, said through his Twitter account that its soldiers were engaged in the search for man missing near lake Piru. In subsequent communication, the police showed the ID and news to the media. It’s Naya Rivera, the actress understood the role of Santana Lopez in the series Glee.

On the day, Rivera hired a boat on lake Piru with your child. Came to 13 hours, and about 16, another ship, was, San Antonio drift and with a small sleeping inside. The child was wearing a life jacket, next to him was another adult, but no trace of the mother. Immediately moved to the floor, boy, four years old, he said they went to bathe, but she never returned.

The disappearance of the river is superimposed on a series of defeats suffered by the subjects of the series Glee, from accidental death, as charged, offering, suicide, heroin overdose, abuse and depression. In fact, this is the first time Naya Rivera appears in the MEDIA on the themes of the drama outside of work. In November 2017, the actress spent the night at the police station after his exmarido in acusase of domestic violence. The complaint was withdrawn and the actress, the blame for their aggressive behavior on the pressure that he suffered that as a teenager, he became a youth idol, from day to day.

This sudden fame, also affects the nature and behavior of the other couples, San Antonio, actor Glee from mark salling. In January 2018, the translator of the form of Noah Puckerman appeared hanged himself on the banks of the river near his home in Los Angeles after his girlfriend he denunciase have on your computer thousands of photos and videos of child pornography. The actor, who has already been convicted, when he decided to leave a life that he hoped to meet the condemnation that would range from four to seven years of imprisonment, in addition, to pay compensation to the victims and can be included in a file of stalkers sex as was convicted of the charges, which he imputaban.

Mark Salling.

It was not the only problem in Salling with the law. A few years before this, on an economic agreement between the parties to put an end to the process begun against him exnovia Roxanne Gorzela, who was charged with rape after sex without a condom, despite the fact that she specifically requested something to put. The amount paid for the actor exceeded $ 2.5 million. (slightly more than 2.2 million euros).

Addiction and depression

As Naya Rivera and mark salling, had a few couples that were formed during the filming of Glee. For example, the actor who played Finn Hudson, Lea Michele, who will do the same with the character Rachel berry. The relationship was marked by dependence on the various substances that suffered Monteith, who, despite the fact, go through several detoxification programs, could not get away. 13 July 2013, his body appeared in Vancouver and from personal experience it was found that death was caused by consumption of alcohol and heroin. Well informed about the death of her fiance, Lea Michele went into a deep depression, which influenced her career as a singer was preparing. Two discs Louder (2014) and Places (2017) was not well received by the public, but there were not too many who want to protect them into action or live.

This alleged curse that haunts the cast of Glee, it seems, which also affects their loved ones, and even members of anonymous computer. Matt bendik, for example, there died in 2014 of a heart attack at a hotel in Philadelphia. According to the forensic examination, the death occurred due to stress that has accumulated after to bring up his own company, though and never will be, who says something needs to see that outside of bendik fiancé Becca Tobin, the actress played the role of kitty in the Choir.

As regards technical equipment, the series also lost the master address, Jim fuller –died 2013 of a heart attack in her sleep, and Nancy, Nicknames, master production, by sister Julia Roberts, who is a victim of severe depression, he committed suicide by barbiturate overdose, and, leaving the letter in which he accused his family of the decision.

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith in 2012. Getty Photo: Getty

Intimidades found

Before the concert, the troubles and drama, and any other fact to cause the cast of Glee, seems insignificant, but it is not. This is an example when Heather Morris, who played the role of Brittany pierce in the TV series and in 2012, he saw an intimate photo that he was holding the phone appeared in social media after the victims of the attacks of computer. Was not the only one. Lea Michele, Becca Tobin and Melissa Benoist have also become the object of hacker attacks, and they saw the intimate aspects of his life available to all who visitase Internet access.

More recently, however, was myself, Melissa Benoist that he wanted to put his personal life on a social network to share with their fans a dramatic experience, and trying to help people that they are the same through what she went through. In November 2019 published a video in fourteen minutes, in which he admitted that he had been the victim of violence. As an actress, I play Marley rose, one of the partners had been subjected to psychological abuse, and physical, reaching abofetearla, hit crystal in the head and arrastrarle of hair on the floor. The case became even media, when fans of Glee began to assemble the queue, and found that, by date, what are Benoit, matching his marriage with Blake Jenner–Ryder Lynn in Glee– who divorced in 2017.

This video, Benoit showed that the toxic substances, and abuse by members of the cast of Glee was more widespread than might be expected, many of the actors who has always been warm and joyful. A few days ago, to go no farther, trascendieron abuse that Lea Michele “darkness” caused his fellow actors. The reason was the message posted Michael in a social network, which protested against the death of George Floyd in the police of Minnesota are using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. When his companion Samantha Marie Ware, actress, black, who played Jane Hayward in the sixth season of Glee, he saw that his friend wrote, he replied on Twitter: “LMAO” AS you REMEMBER, WHEN I MADE MY FIRST EXPERIENCE on TV IN HELL ON EARTH?!?! BECAUSE I WILL NEVER FORGET IT. I THINK WE CAN SAY THAT IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, IT ‘CAGARÍAS IN MY WIG’, AMONG OTHER TRAUMATIC MICROAGRESIONES THAT I DID REPLANTEARME HIS CAREER IN HOLLYWOOD”. Only he didn’t have to ask the Shift is larger.