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One of the problems that brought to quarantine those who want to stay in shape, that the closure of schools, high schools. Although many people prefer virtual classrooms, the difficulties with which this subject of suffering.

Because of this, the market tried to grow, and to offer alternatives to digital. “What is happening now in Colombia and in the world – this exchange was. All the sports facilities, including gyms, the task of becoming, and enable virtual services that meet new consumption patterns of its members at the present time and huge market potential which is still to win”, said Ricardo Beltran, DIRECTOR of FitPro, a representative for Les Mills in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama.

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But what happens with covid-19 also opens a new market. “We’re talking about a large percentage of people who have never been users of the fitness center, but now are looking for alternative online options for sports at home,” said Ricardo Beltran.

“Clubs, doctors, sports and fitness facilities is the best response to the challenges facing humanity today. Cumplen important task is to motivate people to stay healthy through exercise, which is associated with a strong immune system able to respond to threats of new viruses and bacteria. We see in gyms, as a part of the solution, not the problem, of course, with the participation of Biosafety protocols require,” – said the expert.

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In Colombia there are about 2 000 of gyms among the major networks and institutions, small and specialized.

“We are convinced that it is virtual has arrived to stay, and begin to develop platforms of higher quality in content and production”, – said the representative of Les Mills for Colombia.