The video shows how the cartels will use the crisis of the COVID


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Criminal groups in Mexico are taking advantage of the crisis of the coronavirus to push a controversial practice, known as “narco-philanthropy”.

To dole out relief in the areas that benefit most by the paralysis of the economy in the middle of the pandemic, the efforts to extend the support of its social base and increase the control over the population, with the goal of facilitating the continuation of your millionaire business.

A team of the BBC get exclusive access to the cellars, to organize from, your donations to the Sinaloa cartel, the organization, the leadership of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmana prisoner in the United States since January of 2016.

According to security experts, this strategy of the cartels is not exclusive to the Sinaloa cartel, and Mexico. In Medellín, Colombia, from still exists a neighbourhood built Pablo Escobar in the time that I was trying to a political figure. Similar cases have occurred in Italy and in other countries.

It is estimated that the war on drugs has cost Mexico around 250,000 lives since 2006, when the then government declared an open war against the narco.

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