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The roof of the Church of the mission San Gabriel in Los Angeles, was razed to the ground by a fire, the origin is still unknown, said for the first time this Saturday. Built for 245 years, it is one of the oldest buildings in California and has survived all the earthquakes strong in this time. There was No personal injury. The fire brigade is not a hypothesis about the origin of the fire forwarded this Saturday.

The fire began to 4.24 in the morning, the fire Department of San Gabriel reported. A total of 80 officials from different departments in the vicinity came to the right place. Occur at the beginning of the work of extinction, which presented the officials noted that the entire roof of the chapel was in flames and had to back save the internal. The wooden roof collapsed on the banks. The damage covers almost the entire interior of the chapel, but also the area of the altar was saved. “The fire consumed the wood very quickly and the interior is virtually destroyed, into the area of the altar,” said the fire chief of San Gabriel, Antonio Negrete, to AP.

The fire Department of San Gabriel was reported in the afternoon, to examine the FBI agents were on the spot, the origin of the fire. “Although the formal cause is said to have been yet determined, a preliminary investigation shows no immediate signs of intentionality,” the statement. “The researchers are still the entire structure for more information try to check.”

The web page of the mission received this Saturday, with a message of gratitude for the solidarity and a request for funds for the reconstruction. The mission San Gabriel, founded in 1771 (originally from the Mission San Gabriel Archangel, and in the people’s mouth of San Gabriel earthquake) was founded in the fourth of the missions by the Spanish monk, San Junipero Serra in the late eighteenth century, during the first European attempt at permanent settlements in Alta California. The original mission had to be aborted due to a flood and rebuilt in its present location in the year 1775. The Church, completed in 1805, after he has already been damaged by an earthquake.

The mission was located along the Santa Ana river, in the territory of the tribe of Tongva (gabrieleños, Spanish), and serves the entire valley of Los Angeles. The largest of the 21 settlements religious Franciscans in California came. At the peak of its operation came to life in a 1700, indigenous people and was the largest vineyard in California, according to the web page of the Association of California missions Resource Center. The mission was secularized in the years 30, in the realm of Mexican California, and returned to the Church in 1859 by the government of the United States. Furthermore, in the active, directed by the monks claretians.

California is experiencing a time of intense debate about his past, and in particular the Spanish heritage. In the Wake of the protests over the death of George Floyd, indigenous groups have been protesting for decades for those who are not present in epic form the story of the missions taken back your claims. In this context, the small spontaneous demonstrations destroyed the statues of St. Junipero Serra in San Francisco and Los Angeles. One of the statues of Serra was damaged in the mission of San Gabriel, with red color in 2017. In the last few weeks, the mission had decided to move to the inside there is a statue on the street as a precautionary measure.



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