Ah, what sweet! Xime Ponch thing Sentimental, and it shows


MEXICO – apparently, this time was a famous youtuber Xime Ponchthat began to resent the discontent caused by the pandemic coronavirus. And it’s because of their history of instagram, which the young man shared a number of the store where she appeared, smiling and happy on the side of his friends, saying their desire to repeat those points and said so much, which is strange.

And that is, of course, in the current situation, location, lasts so long that it’s already starting to cause havoc in a large part of the population. Those who had their loved ones, friends or just miss treatments. Virtually pandemic came to change our lives, putting on a night, for tomorrow, a pause in our lives and not even be able to get back to her, begins to drink, very bitter.

It is therefore not surprising that not only Xime Ponchwho sits to the sensitive and volatile, because a few stars who claim to feel so. As well, the actress and singer, Sandra Instagram, which a few days ago, also shared with his supporters, the difficult moments, for everything that happens during imprisonment, insecure. However, he noted that this is a normal process, in the midst of crisis.

Xime Ponch and his amazing talent

For its part, Xime Ponch he knows how to handle the situation, because he doesn’t leave that crisis affects too, focusing on his career as a youtuber, tiktoker and expert in instagram. And by sharing with them more than 3 million members, assignments for makeup and art that is fulfilling to your account. The skills and talent that stops struck one of them, for creativity, originality and patience.

Recently, he attacked me, makeup is very different because, on the one hand, he held the makeup is colored using warm colors like yellow and orange. While in the second half of the face, has developed a makeup, black and white, who was surprised, for the patience with detail some of the details. Without a doubt, Xime Ponchhas amazing talent that catches the eye, everyone takes one brush and a makeup palette.



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