Amber heard said that johnny Depp hit her because she lost 650 million UAH


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Johnny Depp refused Monday from The Supreme Court In London were equipped at some point with violence and his ex-wife Amber Heardeven after knowing that he lost 650 million UAH through the fault of its former administrator. The main character “Pirates of the Caribbean“libel suit the British newspaper ” The Sun and the group editor News Group Newspapers (CSE) in an article published in April of 2018 that “the journalist’s wife“assuming the hit Heardthe fact that he always denied.

At the trial, which began last Tuesday in London after being delayed in pandemicstar Hollywood, 57 years old, accused with his ex-wife Amber Heard -one who testifies in favor of the newspaper to be “narcissistic psychopath and a calculator that he married in order to develop in their career“. And called several of the alleged attacks, which he received from the actress, 34-year-old.

Johnny Depp said that for stones to damage it was amber heard

But the actor he was interrogated without rest in attorney CSE 14 about the alleged acts of domestic violence against Heard. Depp it was also to question his dependence on drugs and alcohol and his excessive lifestyle. Released personal messages, photos, and reviews acusatorios both sides.

On the fifth day, the actor remembered in the night from 30. of the birthday of his wife, in April 2016. Came in the evening to learn that her former Manager he stolen USD $ 650 million and needs USD 100 million in taxes to the governmentrecalled. And he acknowledged that “it is possible”, in response to the question of the lawyer, as smoked marijuana at this time. He assured that this substance has a “soothing” in it and, consequently, can not it would be in a state of “disease”, according to his ex.

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp

He said that Heard was “they drank a lot“for holiday birthday and attacked when I read in bed changes on the face, four times, before he destroys hands to stop him. Depp he also admitted today that his “head” can be in shock,” with Heard when I try to stop him to avoid a fight with him, but he didn’t want to have the intention to get there.

In Depp’s lawyer, David Sherbornehe asked the actor about the incident in Los Angeles March 23, 2015, when he allegedly caught Heard by the hair with one hand and slapped her several times on the head, on the other.”

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Depp he explained that he wore a plaster on his hand “little dinosaur“how to put kids like “more fun“to use it. The actor confirmed that I was using the plaster at the time of the accident, as, in his opinion, a piece of her finger was cut to the bone heard during the battle in Australia.

Sherborne he said, “And from the cast position, you would have grabbed her by the hair with one hand and instagram constantly with the other?”

Depp he said, “No, sir.”

In the text, the father of the actress also wrote: “But I still love you as a father or brother“.

The judge’s decision complicates the situation amber heard in court with johnny Depp

From the very beginning of the process, protection Depp trying to prove that Heard34 years old , carefully built to promote their career, the case against him during his two years of tortuous marriagein the years 2015 and 2017.

And as proof presented a message was sent soon after the crash in December 2015 the father of the actress actor David Hurdthis supports that their daughter needs help with it temperamentas did the actor for his problems with alcohol and drugs.

Sherborne asked the guards: “If Lily-Rose… if your daughter will say that her husband hit her several times, pulled up and tore off her pieces of hair, have you any other text messages saying “I love You like a brother or father’?”

Depp replied: “Of course, not“.

Meanwhile, the was promised Deppactress Winona Ryderto testify this week in favor of Depp and ready to submit to court on a video link the actor was never abusive or any of her during their time together.