American countries will be the first, the Russian vaccine against the Covid-19


Although over 50 countries have requested the vaccine, we give priority to those Nations that have a high number of infections of the Covid-19.

Regeneration, July 12, 2020.The Director of Fund of Direct investments in Russia (purchases), Kirill Dmítriyev, noted that Brazil and other countries of the Americas, first developed the vaccine against the Covid-19 in Russia.

The medication Avifavir in Russia, significant progress against the new pandemic of the Covid-19 has developed.

After Dmítiyev received the request from more than 50 countries have, to the promising vaccine. He noted, however, that the priority is for those who have a high number of transmissions of the virus SARS-COV-2.

Also, the drugs to combat the disease, note that many countries in the world are missing. But he pointed out that Russia has the ability to the drug to these Nations.

Avifavir was for the treatment of more than 30 thousand people in 51 regions of Russia. The drug was filed this Friday in Latin America and the Caribbean with the Russian Embassy in Guatemala, together with the purchases.

In may Avifavir the approval received certification from the Ministry of health of Russia. With what is the first drug for the treatment of Covid-19.

On 3. In June, the drug was in the official list of the guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment for the new coronavirus

The Ministry of health in Russia, it has several applications, the drug to several countries in Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia.



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