Coronavirus 12. July. With 35 thousands of deaths, Mexico, Italy, the fourth country cases surpasses the most death


Mexico he came into the court this 12 July, after 35 thousand 006 deaths per Covid-19, 299-750 a thousand confirmed cases, Hugo Lopez-GatellSecretary of state prevention and health promotion.

With this number of deaths, the country overtook Italy and was placed as the fourth nation with the most deaths per Covid, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University.

Yesterday, the The Secretariat of the health confirmed 295 thousand had killed 268 contagions, 34, 730 thousand people and more than 30 thousand active cases of coronavirus in Mexico.


See what the colonies are infected by Covid in CDMX

The government of Mexico city, the 34-colonies, cities, and parts of the city, the 20 percent of the total positive cases of coronavirus in the city, and will be dedicated to the priority attention from next Wednesday, with the aim of reducing infections.

“For the implementation of an intervention focused and reduce comprehensive, activities will be supported to encourage people to stay at home and to ensure access to the right to health of those who live in these places,” added the head of the government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

Starting today, every Sunday will be reported the colonies of the priority to the implementation of each of the following Wednesday, and during the next 15 days.

Here you can see the full broadcast of the conference on cases of the coronavirus in Mexico, the National Palace: