Coronavirus.- Chile was about 7,000 deceased and exceeds 315.000 cases of the coronavirus


MADRID, 12 (Agency/EP)

The Ministry of health of Chile has informed that Sunday accounted for 3,012 at new cases and 98 deaths from the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, with the Land, the sum of confirmed in of 6,979 dead and 135.041 positive.

Of 3,012 at new cases, 2.371 symptoms, 389 asymptomatic, and 252, no data, according to the Ministry. In addition, there are 24.166 infected plants and 283.902 have recovered from the disease. 5.924 patients are in custody.

In addition, the Ministry has informed that 1.995 people are hospitalized in the intensive care unit, 1.669, with mechanical ventilation, and 350 of them in critical condition. In these moments, there are 466 respiratory protective masks available.

The Deputy Secretary of Public health, Paula Daza, has noted that “the improvement continues to progress and we have, as a decline in active cases, in eleven regions of our country.” Daza stressed that the positive cases of the coronavirus have fallen 40 percent in the past two weeks in the Metropolitan area, so that it is still a plan, work the desconfinamiento, which will be unveiled in the coming days.