Coronavirus in Mexico: cases and deaths by covid-19. July 12, 2020


The number of hiv infections cumulative Corona Virus in Mexico amounted to EUR 299 thousand in 750, that is to say, four thousand and 482 more than the registered up to Saturday.

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For his part, the deaths amounted to 35 thousand and six, the 276 is more than the registered up to the last report.

In the press conference, the Undersecretary of prevention and health promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, are specified 335 EUR 922 cases estimated.

He recalled that the backlog should not be a factor for alarm among the population, as they are currently, 15% of the total number of hiv infections totals began only 48 thousand 822 active cases, that is, since the pandemic.

The officer made a call for people with more vulnerability come out, get medical help if symptoms occur.