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Cosculluela no silent nothing. In reggaetonero wrote a powerful message where is the reference to your way of art and compared it with Daddy Yankee, Anuel AA and place of Residence. In addition, he noted that “eating alive and spits out the dead.”

Puerto Rico took the photograph, with the middle finger raised encouraged those performers to respond to the publication. One of them was Place of residencewhich at first didn’t know that this post was dedicated to him.

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Cosculluela he began by stressing that building was made by the artist when I entered the world of music.

Cosculluela. Photo: Joseph Cosculluela Instagram

“Here I leave my agreement, not on the street but on the street I did the artist. When on the radio I realized that the contents of my letters, as yourself, what at the time was “underground”. The streets in Puerto Rico and made us all artists” (sic.), he expressed.

In addition, imagine how life on the island whence came also the representatives for criticism.

“With motoritas, truck, country houses and areas of the island gave me a chance to start working in this industry. So, on the street, I respect, I have the codes and on the street I learned to be a man, loyal and, most important of ethics,” – said the performer “Prrrum”.

In addition, he stressed that for him it means to be ethics and called ‘5’ to discuss these comments.

“Man, ethics does not break neither for money nor numbers. My boss is God, and I work for my audience, and my family. The message is in the shirt. Reads and if they want us to forward that on 5 as well as the living, and spitting victims,” he said in Instagram.

Cosculluela in instagram

It read Resident. Ex-Calle 13 asked: “what 5?”, so reggaetonero, don’t hesitate to answer “(Daddy) Yankee, Kendo, Anuel (AA), and Domain for you.” Still, Cosculluela I have not received a response.

The representative of Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha’s problems with the FBI

Music producer Rafael ‘Raphy’ Pinathe representative of Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha related to illegal business, according to published portal Newspapers, which gathered information about Efe. Environment, said law enforcement officers The FBI in Puerto Rico were the property of men in Caguas, centroeste of the island, but never found him.

Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha, Rafael Pina

It should be noted that the pin is the administrator of the year Pina Records, where he works Daddy Yankee and the Dominican Republic Natti Natashathat’s in the middle of March I had to use the social network to rule out that it was a “carrier” coronavirrus.

Inhabitant is producing the new film with scenes uncensored

A resident started a few days ago “Today”, the video file which generates great expectations, to determine what can happen with a large attraction between a man and a woman who come to the bar. Rene Perez, real name and surname of the artist, he returned to this theme, which promises to be a new musical, as it was ‘Rene’ or ‘Bellakoso’.

Lazy loaded component

As you can see, the characters perceive the meeting of the flesh and go into trance on the street, where there is also a few people who after watching also have the same instinct, the libido. Came their condition, they come back to life as if nothing had happened.

Academy in America, the Record includes, for the first time reggaeton at Latin Grammy

By using official document Academy in America Records decided to include a new category of reggaeton in the upcoming Latin Grammy awards. The organization adopted that reggaeton, one of the types more heard in the world and hip hop and pop-rock got on these awards.

Ozuna and Daddy Yankee. Photo: from the camera.

Recall that the last release Latin Grammy this caused irritation among fans of the genre on the city almost never include their representatives for the applicant. “These changes are the result of our desire to emphasize excellence in America music, not to be that we should adopt new measures in the field of health, I want to celebrate the 21st Annual Latin Grammy this year,” said recently at the Academy.



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