Covid-19 Mexico | 12. July: added 35,006 deaths and infections 299,750


Mexico City.-Cut to this Sunday, 12. In July, the Secretariat of health reported that in Mexico, now a total of 35 thousand 006 dead and 299 EUR 750 thousand infected people get infected by the virus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) that were reported on this day, 276 deaths and 4 thousand 482 persons.

According to the figures published by the government of Mexico mentioned that it was 29 EUR 839 active cases and 74 thousand 563 people suspicious. In addition, 61% of the cases have recovered.

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In the week positive after 15 days (week 27), began to send a slowdown in infections in the country and a reduction of 45 % in the number of deaths, which is from the point of view of health authorities is a good news.

The Deputy minister of health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell called correspond abilidad for the control the outbreak of coronavirus and insisted that they remain only work with simple practices such as healthy distance to home to go to when it’s not absolutely necessary to protect the sneezing, wash hands and face with towels in closed rooms.

We have estimated 335 EUR 992 thousand cases, with Covid-19, and 48 thousand are estimated to be 822 people, which is appreciated with the virus (15% of total cases), as well as 354 EUR 171 thousand people that tested negative of the coronavirus.

We have 910 hospitals serve patients with Covid-19, as well as other institutions, which have been used to treat people infected with hiv this virus.

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