Covid-19 to the low; loses intensity in 23 States: AMLO


The President Andrés Manuel López Obrador this reported on Sunday that the pandemic of COVID-19, “going low” in 23 States of the country.

“The report is positive, it is good, the conclusion is that the pandemic starting, you will lose in intensity. A presentation was made by the member States and in nine it is the increase of the infection, in 23 there is a decline,” he said in his message from the National Palace.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Through a message on Sunday, López Obrador he said that of the 32 States of the country, only nine show an increase of COVID-19while 23 is on the low.

The representative reported that after his arrival in the United States, a meeting with the Directors of the Social security (IMSS), ISSSTE, and Insabi, to analyze how the secretaries of National defense and the Navy, as well as with other health officials, the status of the pandemic due to the new coronavirus COVID-19 in our country.

After this encounter, showed Lopez Obrador, the conclusion was that the pandemic is losing intensity.

In addition, the President stressed that his government is taking care not to saturate, the hospitals, and stated that it is space, space, equipment and specialized personnel the tendency of the sick of COVID-19.

We can all return to our everyday life: AMLO

AMLO assured that continue to face two crises: the Covid-19 and the decline of the economy. Photo: Twitter/ lopezobrador_

AMLO he claimed that the correct application of the sanitary measures “, we can all return to our everyday” given that the economy has come back to be revived.

“We can go in search of us, we can go with the healthy distance, not agrupándonos, not so many people on the Board so that there is no transmission of the virus, but it depends on us, our personal hygiene, we take care of ourselves and I think we already know what to do”.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

López Obrador he recalled that his government has a duty to maintain the balance between taking care of the health of the citizens and the economy recovered.

From 1. June, Mexico is in a new stage of the struggle against the pandemic is represented by a traffic light pattern, four colors, from the red of the maximum risk, orange for high, yellow for medium risk and green low risk.

During his message, López Obrador supported the assistant Secretary of prevention and health promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, as already mentioned, was the victim of a campaign against him.

In this sense, he reiterated his professionalism and his actions against the pandemic COVID-19, lives in Mexico.

Here you can see the full message:

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