Dollar COVID: created in USA this ticket wood


Teninor, a city in United States Of America (EU), has its own ticket, the “a-dollar-COVID”in order to overcome the economic damage and financial consequence of the pandemic new coronavirus.

This dollar it was printed in thin plates of wood thanks to a machine that dates back to the year 1890.

Tenino was City Spirit with your business to survive tries the pandemic COVID-19 for what its authorities revived a non-conventional idea of the past century: print your own dollar in thin plates made of wood.

A city in the United States has its own ticket, the “one-dollar COVID”. Photo: AFP

“There is No trade, no sale, and the streets are dead. It is the same at 3 p.m. as AT 3 a.m.,” said Wayne Fournier, mayor of that City thousand 800 inhabitants of the state of Washington; to the North-West of United States Of America.

“We received many calls from companies that told us not to be sure you can continue”.

Wayne Fournier, mayor of that City Tenino.

How you printed dollar COVID?

As the museum of the City You have used a printer that dates back to the 1890’s, the, 10 thousand dollars in rectangles of wood, each with a par value of $ 25.

The ticket it has a picture of President George Washington and a Latin phrase that translates: “we have It under control.”

The dollar it is delivered as grants for residents, demonstrate that they are harmed by the pandemic. Anyone can get up to 300 dollars a month.

The money is accepted in almost all shops of the city

This “one-dollar-COVID” is only valid within the limits of Tenino. Photo: Reuters

Known as “Dollar Tenino” or “A-Dollar-COVID” or, even, as “Dollar Wayne”for the last name of the mayor, are recognised in the accounts, in almost all the shops of the City.

The wood is only within the limits of Tenino.

The idea is not new. The City used in 1930 to even worse devastation caused by the world economic crisis.

The A Lack Of Dollars at this time the Directors of the banks of Tenino, to print money, in the bark of picea.

“The concept has been viral in the 1930s,” says Fournier, and other communities, businesses and chambers of Commerce that followed.

The attention of the media provoked the curiosity of investors and, over the years, the currency of wood turned into a collection object on sale on eBay and Amazon.

The contemporary version, like its previous edition, aims to lend a helping hand during the economic crisis caused the closure of businesses across the country.

“It is nothing more than a promotion of its own City“ Chris Hamilton, manager of the main store of food.

“A lot of people who come to the city, I didn’t know it know, Tenino and want to know how is the place that prints its own currency”.

Chris Hamilton, manager of the main store of food.

The idea is not new. The City used in 1930 to even worse devastation caused by the world economic crisis.
Photo: Reuters

Other complementary currencies in the United States and Europe

Currencies, complementary, similar, there are in many places of the United States Of America and Europe. Search is not a replacement of the national currency, but also to the support of the local economy, a clear difference in the both the us authorities, never friendly look create a ticket, which is in competition with the dollars.

The u. s. department of the Treasury The United States refused to comments on its position in the local currencies.

The Swiss system WE the was founded in 1934, is considered the local currency is the world’s oldest and is used daily in thousands of small businesses.

The Americans believe that the coins are of a supplementary

With an unemployment rate of 11.1% in June, one of the highest rates since the Great Depression, the Americans, the for a for the coins, which is complementary to say that, for us, a time to you to look at as a form of help for the people.

“The crisis in the financing of the municipalities promotes creativity. The administrators are exploring the exhibition of their own currency in lieu of the issuance of bonds to Finance its response to the COVID”.

Susan Witt, Director of the center for economic studies at Schumacher.

This centre is developed, the BerkShares, a currency that is in circulation since 2006, in the region of the Berkshires, western Massachusetts, and is distributed by local banks. Witt is the advice of several municipalities American interest in similar initiatives.

By many as the local currencies as a bulwark against unbridled globalisation.

“People began to realize that we are too global and too fast and we lost two of our own properties,” said Chris Hewitt, the founder of the Hudson Valley current, a coin from Upstate New York and works as a system of mutual credit.

Lovers of this type of coins you are seeking to build a national movement.

“If this body could save for this! everything about the country, us of a severe recession,” says Fournier.

With information from AFP




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