Florida, with the recording of cases of Covid in a day


Miami/Catalonia.— The reopening follows, so that the negative effects: with more than 15 thousand cases of the coronavirus in a day, Florida achieved a new record for a delineation of the United States, while Cataloniain Spainordered reconfinamiento 200 thousand people for a regrowth of hair.

Infections and deaths around the world over 12 million 860 568 thousand and thousand, respectively, in accordance with the Johns-Hopkins-University.

The situation in Florida, an increase of 47% on the registration of patients of the previous day represented.

New York previously the record of most everyday cases, which is a state since the beginning of the pandemic, with 12 thousand 274 on 4 had. April.

In five days, Florida 55 thousand 842-infections are reported, according to its Department of health. The Governor-Republican Ron DeSantis of re-opening went on 4. In may, before other areas in the country which amounts to 3 million 302 thousand 194 cases and 135 thousand 174 deaths, leading in both categories on a global level. In a day, the United States, 59 thousand recorded in 747 cases, according to Johns Hopkins.

In Catalonia, the measure of the isolation of the first of this type was raised since I Spain the provisions of.

The people can only leave the house for work, to go to the doctor or buying food. Also prohibited gatherings of more than 10 citizens.

Located on the outskirts of Barcelona, the city of Hospitalet de Llobregat, an increase in the cases recorded: they went from 31 to 107 in a week, the mayor reported. There are also other focal points in the region of Galicia (North-west), where there are 70-thousand inmates.

In these two regions, the first since the beginning of the pandemic, hygiene measures will be reinforced on Sunday for the regional elections.

The Output Of Block

In South Africa and in the Palestinian territories, the barrier to impose the advance of the infection, the authorities decided to night-time output. In the first case, a ban on the sale of alcohol is intended to prevent that accidents may bring, more people in the hospitals.

Bogota, the highest point of the patients in Colombia, enforced from this Monday, “strict quarantine” for localities (sets of quarters).