France will do virological testing travelers from areas of risk


“We carry out virological Tests at the airport, travellers coming from countries, the so-called “red” by: Gabriel Attal, a spokesman for the government. Photo: AFP

France systematically virological Tests to detect coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Travelers from Risk-Countries in the Airport the Parisannounced this Sunday, the spokesman of the government Gabriel Attalin the chain of television BFMTV.

“We are going to make virological Tests in the Airport the Travelers the come from the countries, the so-called “red”; the of is, the countries with the highest circulation coronavirus“,

He said the new government, the speaker, could mean that up to two thousand tests per day.

Gabriel Attal he noted that the Travelers You have done virological Tests in their countries of origin, they will not do it again, if you France. But you are the proof that you have done it must submit.

This virological Tests fast the review by the health authorities. With respect to the mask, which is not mandatory in Francefourteen renowned doctors have asked for the Saturday, to punish the obligation to wear it in enclosed public places, in order to prevent a resurgence of the COVID-19with more than 30 thousand dead.

With information from AFP / design / Paris, France

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