Gertz Manero, is I positioned myself to the whereabouts of the camel Nacif: Lydia Cacho


The journalist Lydia Cacho accused Alejandro Gertz Manero, the holder of the office of the attorney General of the Republic (FGR), the “lie” in order to ensure that the textile manufacturers, camel Nacif, was for her in Lebanon, and the dependence only confirmed his whereabouts a year, without even arrest him.

The Prosecutor said last Friday that his unit in the Asian country to Nacifwho is accused of torture against Cacho as the former Governor of Puebla, Mario Marín. The First dish unit, with the residence in Quintana Roo, the issuance of a warrant against the two of them in 2019.

The journalist and defender of human rights declares that Gertz Manero’s “put you in danger again,” if you break the stealth of your case, inform about the whereabouts of the businessman.

“Nacif was convenient for me and the ag’s office confirmed his whereabouts a year ago. Not was arrested. I blame the Prosecutor General’s office had broken the seal of my case, and with this help, my torturers and drug traffickers of girls to escape from their hideout,” said Cacho on your social networks.